Crack the code Password 1

Start below for Password 1 remember it is only 1 number Good Luck


  1. Cracked first code was easy. But I didnt understand it before what is need to do. But I tryed write one number to password and I go on second round…

  2. Что тут новый бред придумали? Когда будет обмен и выход на биржу? Уже три года обещаниями кормите.

    1. Author

      i have not made one promise apart from to keep the website up and running and to make a way of you earning crypto for free it is upto you the users to spread the word,
      this is meant to be a community website and it seems like you all expect me to just give you free money ???

      For any of this to start making you money you have to spread ther word more people means more power which means coins/ tokens worth money.

      i have investors sat there waiting for the community to want this coin but YOU the community are just been greedy and not telling everyone you can about it

      think of it this way if we have 20,000 in the community it would be a lot easier getting money from my investors than if there is 2,000 in the community, help yourself by spreading the word and stop complaining to someone who is trying to help you.

    2. Author

      Can i ask how many refferals you brought in ?

      thats how much you are helping the community and if you dont want to help the community then why not do it for yourself

      this is not a selfish coin like the rest of crypto it is meant to help everyone out so keep it to yourself and you will never get anywhere think about this before you get stressed about me doing so called nothing.

      who payed for the advertisng to get us going ?

      who do you think pays for the server every month and then pays to keep the coin going ?

      and how much do you think this owes me ?

      and how much do you think i have made from it ? £0.00

      and how many hours of my life have i put in to this website and fighting off hackers ?

      i want this to work more than any of you but i can not do it without the communitys help so the ball is in your court ive gtive you the tools for free use them and make us all rich.

  3. Hey – why won’t it take my PW ? – even put in 1 REWARD – bu no vid – jus nice lookin black page – how do we get to see code/game/puzzle/contest ?

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