News Update

The Coin Fork was a success  and I am so glad to see so many of you back.

Remember the mining is going to last for a year + so invite your friends to start mining there more people mining the greater in value the coin will be worth when we get listed on exchange’s.

So use your refferal codes and lets make this a huge success.

Together we are strong but if we try to be selfish and do not tell anyone this will all have been a waste of time.

More people mining equals more of a demand which means each of your coins will be worth a lot more, this is in your hands now the true believers of the NICE Generation are you willing to do what it takes to become rich?

First 10 Members to post there New MRNX Address will receive 1,000 MRNX in there wallet.



  1. MjJU9wvyNGEskQvMYaoV23VVtKwWD98tkq
    Wallet for MRNX. I cant open MrNice blockchain network. MRNX, UNEAK, will be here also in account with NICE, XNICE, MRN, XTRNICE ? Or they will be transfering to MRNX wallet on PC? Or will be other wallet app for all coins? Thanks

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