New daily visit payouts

I Know i have not been very active over the past year i have had a lot going on in my personal life and have just had no time for the website, my personal life had now got lot more simpler and i will be spending this free time on the website again. Lets Make 2022 the year for The NICE Generation.

I have been updating and editing some of the website over the past couple of weeks i thought i would make sure i am dedicated this time before I tell everyone I am back.

The lottery is now a lot easier to read and not bright white in your face anymore. More lottery’s been added soon .

There has been an increase in the amount of free coins/token’s you receive for visiting Daily.

Daily Visits

0.4 xnice



Weekly Interest = MrNICEX (MRNX) 3%

More Payouts coming soon.

There is a new AIRDROP on the Home Page.

And for all of you that found time to read this here is a AIRDROP just for you

redeem on home page @



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