MRNX now Available on GTA V RP

It has been a while but I have been working on the next projects for MrNICEx Coin.

As you can see from the title, we now have our own GTA V RP Server and the MrNICEx Coin is Available to Earn and Purchase and sell on the crypto Market.

This will cause demand for MRNX and means you will be able to start selling your MRNX soon.

Exchange rate will be 1 MRNX Coin For 10 MRNx GTA Coins

Players will be also able to purchase MRNx from the GTA V Shop

I am looking for BETA testers if anyone is interested. You will need a PC and the GTA V Game to take part.


    1. GTS V Shop ? GTA V game ?
      Where is it possible look and download?
      Where is exchange for MRNX / MRNX GTA ?
      Where is possible exchange, sell, buy MRNX GTA? How is rate?
      What will be with wallet on PC for MRNX from mining?
      What will be with another your coins,which we earned?


      1. Author

        Just ironing out a few kinks, then how to access will be posted on

        You need to own GTA V on PC to play and also have Fivem installed.

        When you deposit your MRNX they will be exchanged then as MRNx GTA is only in game currency

        Same as withdrawal, they will automatically be sent to you in MRNX to wallet of your choosing.

        As soon as games launched, you can exchange your MRNX and its 1 MRNX = 10 MRNx GTA

        The MRNX from mining and minting will still be our main coin which i have a lot more ideas other than GTA RP, but this has to succeed before can move on.

        I have a few ideas for other tokens that you have earned in the past to give them some value as well, but concentrating on MRNX for now.

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