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  1. Is it need to do when is doing new wallet and old wallets are deleted? Or is need to new wallet input “addnode=″…?
    I did new wallet:
    I don’t know as to do mining,there.

    1. Author

      That is a brand new address never been used it should be the same address as you was using with th 2000 MRN

      Have you restored the wallet you backed up into the new mrnice folder in %appdata%?

      1. It was the only address available .. How do I get the one I had before?
        I have taken wallet.dat and config.file and saved them and then I delete The new wallet .. To start again in a day.

    1. Author

      sorry missed your comment i have a sent you a test coin if you have received it let me know and i will send you the rest

      and we have you not got any coins didn’t you get any in mining or have you forgot to restore your old wallet?

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