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  1. Realmente no me acuerdo la fecha de mi ingreso, creo que siempre he estado con Mrnice, lo importante es que estamos de regreso y seguro muchos salieron, los que quedamos somos los únicos favorecidos. Así empiece hoy de cero, Mrnice puede contar conmigo.

  2. Hello,
    I look my Balance. All amounts was “0”. I was sending ETH on Donator,before,Also. I Enjoy that MrNice system,IS back…

    1. Author

      your token balance has been updated your ETH will be back As soon as it is listed again on mrnicex.com

    1. Author

      Welcome Back Jackie good to see you your balance has been updated you also have a verified Account (New feature)

  3. hello i am happy see you were is my balance i don`t see my balance i registratian in one year ago 15.06.2018

  4. hello admin My balance is not accurate kindly make corrections. i registration 15.07.2018 i happy to see you again

  5. Hello
    Please check my balance if possible .
    Had a quite long break ( health issues ) . Thank You in advance , and always good to see You active again MrNice.

    Kind regards , Mike

    1. Author

      hope everything is ok and your health gets better. your balance has been updated

      If you are interested in running a MrN Wallet install it and send me your address so i can send you some free coins

  6. Talk about me being Late – Woops + yea Id got really bizzy + got alot done too
    think Id had – not much bu – 4 MRN coin from mining – can you find them for me ?
    + Thanks much – Happy new year ! to y’all

    1. Author

      dont worry everything been on hold here back on track now hopefully some news coming about coin very shortly.

  7. Hi MrNice,
    i made some mystake in my last comment.
    This is what i want to ask you: i like you to update my balance the bonus tokens. I know that I’m registered in 2018 but I has forget the month. Help-me please.

    1. Author

      i have not done much work recently 🙁 but that will be changing again soon been so busy with other things not had time for my passion MrNICE

  8. Hello Andrian
    Due to some personal issues I was offline from last many months, thats why my balance is missing now, can you please correct it.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your patience i have been having a lot of personal issues my self so i understand i will update your balance with bonuses right now

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