Long awaited News

Hello everyone that is still around and believing in this project I know it has been a long time but things should start moving forward again now, I have a couple of announcements and updates.


For those of you still staking the coin you may have noticed the blocks are very far apart this is due to not enough coin on the blockchain so there is going to be another FORK 3rd time Lucky

The fork will be in the next 1-2 weeks hopefully by the end of this week.

In Brief  you will get a swap 1-1 for the fork the old chain will not  be supported 30 days after the fork. Mining will start again and will last for 1 year. (more info coming soon)


The UNEAK Token which will fund our exchange will be available for purchase after the FORK.

In the time I have been away I have a managed to secure the sale of 10,000 UNEAK on first Day of the sale. so there is only another 90,000 available with a 50% Bonus.

Also I have a some other news but dont want to release it until its 100% Final



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