MrNICE FORK Coin Name – MrNICEx Coin abbreviation – MRNX Address letter – M Last PoW block – 1,000,000 Block reward (PoW/PoS) – 1 MRNX Premine – 300,000 (To cover fork and to give out bonuses to the loyal members) Minimum coin age Stake – 1 Hour 60 Blocks CoinbaseContinue Reading

Hello everyone that is still around and believing in this project I know it has been a long time but things should start moving forward again now, I have a couple of announcements and updates. COIN NEWS For those of you still staking the coin you may have noticed theContinue Reading

Brand New Token UNEAK coming soon. We need an Exchange that we can call our own. So I have Decided to share the exchange with you the users Every Token Purchased with BTC or MRN will buy you a share in the Exchange. Token Info Name = UNEAK ALGORITHM  =Continue Reading

Start Mining. Mine for blocks with your Windows wallet by following below instructions. Click here to download the file Extract the zip file Click here to download cpuminer & up-to-date blockchain and extract the zip file. If you do not know how to update the blockchain watch videoContinue Reading

MRNX ROM MARKET Last PRICE = 0.00010000 BTC         CURRENT PRICE = 0.00010100 BTC NEXT PRICE = 0.00010200 BTC 100 MRNX Sale Walls COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR MRNX you can sell 100 Coins Max Per Comment NO DOUBLE COMMENTING (The Coins have toContinue Reading

Referral Program Share the link below on your favourite social Media sites and with your friends to earn some big rewards. 1 SIGNUP = 1 UNEAK 1 VISITOR = 0.001 UNEAKContinue Reading

Getting started for Windows Use the following instructions to mine a block. Open your wallet, and make sure your wallet is connected with a node. Your wallet is connected when you see the icon  in the lower corner of your wallet. Close your wallet and either download here extract theContinue Reading

Due to technical difficulties and there not been enough coin on the blockchain we are having a fork 3rd time lucky. This time mining will last for 1 year+ until block 1,000,000. Swap Your MRN For MRNX 1 MRN  = 1 MRNX MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW STEP BY STEP StepContinue Reading