You can now earn UNEAK From referrals, so share your Link found @ Referral Program 1 SIGNUP = 1 UNEAK1 VISITOR = 0.001 UNEAK So get inviting those friends and lets get this moving how it should be now. Comment below with your MRNX Address to receive 500 MRNXContinue Reading

For the Past year I have had a lot going on in real life and also had many computer problems, that is why I have not been around much. I now have a reliable Laptop, so you will see improvements happening on the website, and we can start to moveContinue Reading

The Code Breaking has begun They will be hints posted if we get 3 help comments on a post up until password 7 at this time you are on your own. Dont forget to save the passwords as you will need them again P.s They are on the end ofContinue Reading

I forgot to mention last week i will only be available on the website Monday to Thursday. Friday Saturday and Sunday I am working so will not be around you can still get hold of me on telegram on these days but do not expect a fast reply as IContinue Reading

The Coin Fork was a success  and I am so glad to see so many of you back. Remember the mining is going to last for a year + so invite your friends to start mining there more people mining the greater in value the coin will be worth whenContinue Reading

MrNICE FORK Coin Name – MrNICEx Coin abbreviation – MRNX Address letter – M Last PoW block – 1,000,000 Block reward (PoW/PoS) – 1 MRNX Premine – 300,000 (To cover fork and to give out bonuses to the loyal members) Minimum coin age Stake – 1 Hour 60 Blocks CoinbaseContinue Reading

Hello everyone that is still around and believing in this project I know it has been a long time but things should start moving forward again now, I have a couple of announcements and updates. COIN NEWS For those of you still staking the coin you may have noticed theContinue Reading